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European cities connected by a hyperloop network will radically improve connectivity, boost the economy and enable Green Deal targets of net zero emissions.

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What is Hyperconnected Europe?

The Hyperconnected Europe initiative is a community of cities and regions jointly creating a vision for the European hyperloop network. Together, we are designing the hyperloop system that radically improves connectivity while eliminating emissions, enabling the goal of net zero by 2050. The initiative is a part of the Hyperloop Development Program, the pan-European public-private collaboration dedicated to bringing hyperloop to reality.

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What are we working on?

Hyperloop Services

Passenger services

Cargo services

Position in modality mix

Contribution to sustainable and reliable European transport system

Hyperloop Network

European network design

Regional network design

City access

Station design

Infrastructure integration

Hyperloop Impact

GHG reduction

Contribution to Green Deal Goals

Relieved pressure on existing modes of transport 

Impact on the fabric and livability of cities


The following European Cities and Regions are supporting the
Hyperconnected Europe initiative, by signing the Letter of Support

Why do we need hyperloop?

Growing economy, more mobility, more emissions?

With a growing economy, so grows our need for transport of goods and passengers. The European Commission predicts that demand for transport will increase by 60% in the next 30 years. Does that mean more air travel, more highway congestion, more carbon emissions and more pressure on our living environment? It doesn’t have to.

Hyperloop enables direct city-to-city connectivity at aircraft speeds at zero emissions

With hyperloop, we can travel across Europe within hours, without any emissions. We can ship goods right into the heart of cities without congesting our roads. As hyperloop technology is coming to market, so is the future of a hyperconnected Europe where cities across the Union are connected within hours.

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Do you think that your city should be a part of the European hyperloop network and would you like to learn more about its potential? Participation in the Hyperconnected Europe initiative is open to any European city or region. Fill out the contact form and join us to receive all updates about progress and results, as well as invitations for webinars and surveys.

Cities that join will get an opportunity to sign a ‘letter of support’. By signing the letter this city will get the status of a Supporting City and will be eligible for an interactive webinar to introduce hyperloop and go into the specific mobility challenges of your city. There will of course be ample opportunity to ask questions to understand how hyperloop may change the way we travel and ship goods to, from and into your city.