February 13, 2023

Hyperloop Roadmap Europe and Cargo Hub vision webinar recap and recording – watch here


The seventh thematic webinar of the Hyperconnected Europe, on February 9 2023, revisited the roadmap towards the realization of the European hyperloop network and provided a first look of the multifunctional cargo hyperloop hub for Dutch Fresh Port in the Netherlands. You can watch the full recording below

In the first 30 minutes of the webinar, you will learn about the steps to be taken towards a European hyperloop network. Hyperloop specialist Dr. Alan James specifically goes into the role of cities and regions and what they can do in the short, medium and long term to accelerate the development of this high-speed, emission-free transport network for goods and passengers connecting European cities.

The second part presented the vision for the integrated hyperloop cargo hub based on a real life location in the Netherlands: Dutch Fresh Port. The multifunctional hub boasts latest insights into multiple uses of a logistics facility and have an aesthetic quality and functionality that fits with the ambitions of hyperloop and Dutch Fresh Port, one of the main logistics hubs for fresh goods in Europe, near Rotterdam. This is a cooperation between Hyperloop Development Program partners: UNStudio, Hardt and Dutch Fresh Port.

This webinar closes with an update of the Hyperloop Development Program and the European Hyperloop Center.